Thursday, December 12, 2013

Introducing Mend Therapeutics, Inc – A Non-Profit Pharmaceutical Company

We are proud to launch a new innovative medical 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the global alleviation of diabetes and its complications. MEND seeks an integrated and comprehensive approach to promoting patient wellness through education, prevention, early detection and delivering new medicines. Through our groundbreaking non-profit approach, MEND combines the social commitment of a non-profit organization with the best business practices and medical innovation of a biotechnology company in order to deliver health care solutions that place the patients over profits. This “patient first” focus means we dedicate ourselves to increasing affordability and global access to innovative medicines to all patients in both developed and developing countries. MEND is a development stage company currently advancing an exciting first-in-class medicine to treat painful diabetic foot ulcers, a severe complication of diabetes that often leads to debilitating amputations.

We look forward to joining an active community of people with diabetes, friends, families, scientists, medical practitioners and patient advocates. We at MEND are about “mending” patients, their families and communities by delivering compassionate medicines for all.

Please join us in this cause!

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